For Agents and Brokers

Offer Your Clients the Vision Care Plan that Eye Doctors Recommend

Higher Quality Care, Affordable Pricing, and a No-Cost Sales Lead Program

Vision Care Direct is the doctor-direct vision care plan that gives members better value and allows doctors to provide higher quality care. And our no-cost sales lead program ensures great working relationships between agents and brokers and VCD providers.

The Highest Quality Vision Plan

In a cost-conscious world, many employers are trying to find the very cheapest solution to offering health benefits to their employees. However what they don’t realize is that old adage is true… you get what you pay for! Vision Care Direct is a vision plan that lets you feel confident that you are offering your clients the highest quality of care at competitive prices.

Eye Doctor-Recommended Care

It’s true! Vision Care Direct is recommended by eye doctors because they know that they can provide the best care with our plans. More and more doctors are realizing that other vision plans severely limit their practices’ ability to succeed and have chosen to recommend the best.


No Cost Sales Lead Program

Our doctors are so convinced that you should offer your clients a vision plan from Vision Care Direct, they want to partner with brokers and agents in their area to help spread the word. Now you can work directly with a doctor in your area who can help you build relationships with local business leaders at no cost to you.

Most insurance plans put brokers at odds with doctors, as doctors know that more restrictive vision plans will cost their offices in quality of care. But imagine contacting one of your clients and finding out that their eye doctor has already opened the door for you!


How to Begin Selling Vision Care Direct

To get signed up to start promoting Vision Care Direct to your clients, call our national sales and administration office at 1-877-488-8900.

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