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Vision Care Direct for Companies and Benefit Managers

Expand Your Employees’ Benefits—Not Their Eye Care Budgets

Vision and eye health problems are the second most common chronic health care complaint in the United States, affecting more than 120 million people. Vision problems restrict and reduce employee performance and productivity, costing companies millions each year.

Did you know that…

  • 66% of the U.S. work force currently wears prescription lenses?
  • 75% of employees using a computer will suffer eye strain, headaches, or blurred vision?


Prevent & Detect the Health Conditions
Most Likely to Cost You Money

Serious health conditions can ruin your employees’ lives, interrupt your company’s workflow, and inflate the cost of your other health care plans. Fortunately, investing in your employees’ eye care with comprehensive eye exams can prevent, detect, and diagnose the following conditions and more:


Most vision plans offer annual eye exams, but unless they are comprehensive, these health conditions can slip by unnoticed. Doctors recommend patients receive one comprehensive exam each year, and that’s what your employees will receive as members of Vision Care Direct. See How Vision Care Direct Works

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Why Employers and Benefit Managers Choose Vision Care Direct:

Here are a few of the reasons that employers choose Vision Care Direct group plans for their employees:

We’re locally owned and operated.
A network of optometrists and doctors in your area – your employees may not even have to switch from their family eye doctors.
It’s the vision plan that eye doctors recommend.
Vision Care Direct members have access to the highest quality care without restrictions on eye exams, frames, and lenses.
We provide unparalleled flexibility.
Employees choose a frame allowance and the range of their benefits. What does it mean for you? You never pay for services they don’t use.


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With Vision Care Direct, Everybody Wins

Ultimately, Vision Care Direct plans are great for companies because they can enhance an employee’s benefit package at no cost to the employer. There’s no participation requirement, as two employees constitutes a group. Our plans are also great for employees because they offer significant savings on eye care and eyewear, without compromising the quality of care.

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Vision Care Direct is locally owned and operated, overseen and run by optometrists in your city and state.

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