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Our Vision Care Plans Actively Improve Your Quality of Care

Without an insurance company, more of your membership contribution
makes it to the doctor, ensuring you get access to the best tools and care.

As a doctor-owned vision plan, Vision Care Direct is uniquely suited to ensure you and your family the highest quality of care. Because we cut out the insurance company, more of your annual membership contribution goes directly to the doctors you see on a regular basis. That means you get the best care, the most qualified staff, and the newest technology.

Your family deserves an eye doctor that knows your name.

Because Vision Care Direct doesn’t have to worry about pleasing greedy shareholders, we can focus our attention on things that are more important to you — like finding a doctor your family can trust. Your eyes are your most important gift; it matters greatly who you trust to take care of them. How about someone who’s committed to building lasting patient relationships?

Highest Quality Vision Care

Our comprehensive eye exams can help detect silent killers before it’s too late.

Vision Care Direct plans include an annual comprehensive eye health exam to help save you and your family thousands of dollars in total healthcare costs. While other plans provide basic vision screening, these shortened consultations may leave critical health conditions unnoticed.

A comprehensive eye exam can be used to detect and diagnose over 16 conditions at their earliest stages. Conditions like:

  • Diabetes
  • Tumors
  • Glaucoma
  • Hypertension
  • Neurological conditions
  • Retinal disorders
Comprehensive Eye Exams

Vision Screening vs. Comprehensive Eye Exams

While many locations offer eye exams, they are usually simple refractive procedures to determine a patients prescription but leave out the detailed evaluation. You may not be getting the insights you need to ensure good health!

Eye doctors recommend that you receive a comprehensive eye exam once a year. Since internal health can change quickly, a yearly exam will be sure to catch any potential problems.

Vision Screening vs Comprehensive Eye Exams

Exams Save You Thousands in Total Healthcare Costs

Not convinced of the value of Vision Care Direct’s comprehensive eye exams? The following data is the result of a 10,000 employee survey of healthcare costs within the course of just one year. See the difference for yourself:

Patients without exam Patients with exam
Office Visits $2,486 $2,522
In-patient Procedures $12,237 $6,305
Out-patient Procedures $3,059 $4,063
ER Visits $765 $841
All Other Health Expenses $574 $280
Average Total Spending $19,120 $14,011

That’s an average annual savings of over $5,000! Help protect your family from dangerous diseases and save thousands on health care with Vision Care Direct eye care plans.

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