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With Vision Care Direct, there are no insurance claims, no credit checks, and no waiting periods.

The Easiest Vision Plan to Join

You won’t believe how easy Vision Care Direct is to join. Because there’s no insurance company, there are no pre-existing condition restrictions, no medical questions, no credit check, and no waiting period. That means you can join today, pay today, and use your plan today!

The Easiest Vision Plan to Use

Because Vision Care Direct is a doctor-owned vision plan, all participating doctors are responsible for filing all the necessary paperwork—not you. Doctors assume the risk for procedures—not you. No insurance paperwork, and no restrictions on care as long as you stay within our vast network of providers.

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that over 90% of Vision Care Direct members re-enroll in their plans at the end of each year.

Easy Vision Care Plans

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