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How Vision Care Direct Works:How Vision Care Direct Works:

Most eye care plans are made up of three parties: you, your doctor, and your insurance company. You pay the insurance company a hefty premium, which is then divvied up between shareholders, the company, and, finally, your eye doctor. Moreover, you file pages of paperwork just so your insurance will cover a trip to the eye doctor’s office just across town.

But Vision Care Direct revolutionizes that traditional three-party arrangement. We provide doctor-owned eye care, meaning that there’s no insurance company and fewer strings attached. Click here to learn more about how Vision Care Direct works.


Designing Your Vision Care Direct Plan

How does a typical Vision Care Direct plan work? Vision Care Direct provides more options to fit your unique vision care needs. Designing your plan involves two steps: choosing your plan type and choosing your frame allowance.

Step 1: You'll Choose a Plan Type

Vision Care Direct Plan

Ensure peace of mind with a
comprehensive eye exam—
only pay for what you use.
Is your eye exam covered by
another plan? This will keep
you from being charged twice.
Get exactly what you need
from your plan: an annual exam
and an annual materials allowance.
Wear a progressive
lens? These plans are
designed for you!

Step 2: You'll Choose a Frame Allowance

Frame Allowance



A Typical VCD Plan

What will your Vision Care Direct plan include? Here’s what comprises one of our most popular plans, the Gold Complete 130 Plan:

A Typical VCD Plan

Comprehensive eye exam
to ensure full-body health
(Subject to exam fee at time of service)
Up to $130 to spend on
frames each year
New basic lenses each year
($15 fee at time of service)
Up to $130 for contact
lenses and fitting fees
in lieu of glasses
* Plan designs and allowances may vary from state to state. Please contact your local Vision Care Direct Sales Rep for more info.

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