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Affordable Vision Plans that Your Eye Doctor Recommends

Vision Care Direct is a vision plan owned and operated by Private Practice Eye Care Providers (PPECP) who are members of their states’ Independent Physician Associations (IPA). Currently, Vision Care Direct is made up of over 5,000 doctors in 45 states.

What Makes Vision Care Direct Plans Different?

Most vision insurance plans make you work with an insurance company to secure coverage for eye care; the insurance company charges you a premium simply for mediating that relationship with your doctor. And your doctor suffers from those premiums, too—when that money stays with an insurance company, it doesn’t go into keeping office technology up-to-date. The result? Your quality of care plummets.

But Vision Care Direct revolutionizes the traditional doctor-patient-insurance company relationship. We cut out the insurance company, which gives patients a better value and allows doctors to provide the highest level of care possible. Click here to learn more about how Vision Care Direct works.


Our Vision Plans are Better for Patients

Many people don’t understand the value of quality private practice eye examinations. Most consumers are only interested in the least expensive option. What they don’t consider is that, most of the time, the least expensive option is also the lowest quality. Vision Care Direct ensures that patients get the highest quality of care at competitive prices. To learn more about why VCD is right for you, click here.

They’re Better for Doctors, too

Private Practice Eye Care Providers want to provide patients with the very best vision care available. Unfortunately, most vision plans don’t give doctors the ability to invest in staff, training, equipment, education, and all the things that help them take better care of patients. Vision Care Direct makes sure that doctors have the resources to provide the best care. To learn more about how to become a VCD provider, visit our “For Doctors” page.

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